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Developer Comments: Below is a formal privacy policy. This page is provided to appease the corporate gods that assume that we ( Developers ) are all inherently evil and have a compulsive need to track, investigate and exploit our users. One major corporation removed its "Don't be evil" clause from their Code of Conduct. I can only assume that they are measuring us all by their own lapsed standards.
Privacy Policy

Our applications do not collect or keep any personal information about any
of our users.

We do, however, use two third party products to track annonymous information with regard to our mobile

Fabric/Crashlytics />Firebase is used to track crashes on our applications. The sole reason for using this
application it to track down problems that occur ( crashes ) and allow us to make quick accurate
fixes when a problem occurs.

For more information view: ( Fabric Home Page )

Google Analytics is used to track usage of our mobile applications at an annonymous level. Things like screen views and duration of sessions.

For more information view: ( Google Analytics )

No effort is ever made by to collect or retain specific information about any
of our users.

Please write Contact if you have any questions or concerns.