Simply Walking
Simply Walking is intended as a daily companion for the avid walker. It tracks basic information regarding each walk and maintains a history of the most recent 25 walks. A map of each walk completed is available from History. A Map of the current walk may be accessed from the main screen by pressing the "world" icon.

This application is intended for outdoor use :)

Latest Changes

Starting in version 4.0.8 - 7/21

Starting in version 4.0.7 - 6/23

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Main Screen

The main screen shows basic walking data: Elapsed Time, Distance, Pace, Steps Taken and Calories burned.

Clicking the green "Start" at the upper right of the screen begins a walk. Clicking the red "Stop" completes a walk.

A walk is only retained if the distance traveled is at least 40 meters. This is an attempt to stop the History feature from getting clogged with useless information.

Note: If you turn on the application and do not immediately begin walking the application will eventually reach a point where it thinks you have walked 40 meters. This is caused by Jitter from the GPS System.

If no walk is currently in progress the main screen will display the most recently completed walk.

History Icon

The "History" icon opens the History screen. This feature does not become available until at least one walk has been recorded.

Map Icon

The "Map" feature will display the path taken during the walk in progress or during the most recent walk completed. This feature is available as soon as at least one coordinate has been received from the GPS system. Usually this occurs 10-12 seconds after a walk has started.
Hiding the Background Image

In bright sunlight the screen can sometimes be hard to see.

Turning off the background image creates a uniform black/gray backdrop that improves the visibility of the display fields.

The Map screen shows the path taken on a selected walk.

The Green Marker indicates the start of the walk and the Red Marker indicates the termination point of the walk.

When accessed from the main screen this feature displays the path of either the walk in progress or the walk most recently completed walk.

When accessed through the History the path of the previously recorded walk will be displayed. The title will reflect this by including the text "(History)".


If a map is fuzzy this indicates a slow data connection. When better connectivity becomes available the map will finish rendering.

It the walking path is visible, but the background is blank, then there is currently no connection to Google Maps. The map will become available when you enter an area with coverage. The path is derived from GPS data and is NOT impacted by network connectivity.

The details available on a given map vary widely by location. Urban and Suburban areas tend to have finer detailed maps.
During a live walk the map will display the last bearing received from the GPS system. Both Cardinal direction and degrees are displayed.
Map Type

The type of Map displayed is selectable from Options menu of the Map view.

On a live walk the map path and map statistics are updated every time the GPS sends a location update.

Path Highlighting

The main walk is rendered as a blue line. An Orange overlay indicates the parts of the walk which have the slowest average pace.

The History screen retains the last 25 walks.

Walks are displayed in descending order with the most recent walk being displayed at the top of the screen.

The related Map for a specific walk may be accessed by tapping on a walk anywhere in the displayed list.

Note: There is no delete function because only the last 25 walks are retained. In additon, walks that are stopped before a distance of 40 meters is recorded are immediately deleted. This prevents aborted walks from clogging the History list.
Exporting Data

This application allows you to export walking related data.

Data is sent in a CSV format ( Comma Separated Values ).

If maps data is request the Location data ( latitude and longitude is included in an additional table ).

If an "attachment" is requested the data will also be sent as an attachment.

Feedback on this feature would be appreciated. Is it useful. Is there a better format....
Improving Calories Accuracy

Calories burned while walking are based on the users weight and pace of walk. This application assumes an average +-5% grade while walking walk.

A default weight of 180 lbs is assumed.

Changing this value to reflect your actual weight will improve the accuracy of the display.
Calibrating Steps

Steps are calculated using the GPS system. This is NOT a pedometer.

By default 2500 steps per mile are assumed. This is a rough estimate of the average number of steps taken by the average person when walking a mile.

The "Calibrate" feature allows this value to be customized by walking 100 steps in a roughly straight line. This feature may be run at any time.

Alternatively, it is possible to manually enter a new value by tapping on the edit area and using the keyboard to enter a new value.