I am a developer who has been writing applications for serveral decades. I have written applications in Assembler, Cobol, C, C++, Java and Kotlin. I have worked with a variety of databases including: Oracle, Sybase, Postgres and SQLite.
For the last 10 years I have been developing UI applications both for myself and a variety of customers around the country. The vast majority of the recent work has been for the Android platform.
Please send any comments to: Feedback and Suggestions
Free applications developed for and available on the Google Play and Amazon platforms.
Simply Walking
An application for tracking your walking activity using GPS. The application retains the most recent 50 walks. It provides statistic and a map for each walk.
Simple BP
An application whick allow you to record your Blood Pressure ( Systolic and Diastolic ) and optionally your Heart Rate. A table displays a history of these values. Support is provided emailing and printing your recorded data.
Squares - Picture Puzzle