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Software development - by M.J. Stam
Simply Walking - GPS Map Steps
  • - Intended as a daily companion for the avid walker ( or Runner )
  • - No Account or personal data required.

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Simple BP - Blood Pressure Tracking
  • - This is a simple application that allows a user to keep track of their blood pressure readings. It records 100 entries and then the oldest entries begin to age off as new ones are added.

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Squares - Picture Puzzle
  • -This is a simple puzzle application with square pieces. It will scramble a stock photo or a selected photo.

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I am a developer who has worked in the Boston area for more than 20 year. This site and the related programs were written so that I could explore and build applications outside of a structured work environment.
This site's primary purpose is to provide support pages for my applications and open source libraries.
Everything provided here is free, but some of the applications contain an advertisement on the home screen. I try to keep these Ads small and have refrained from implementing interstitials. These ads provide a modest income that helps support development efforts.
It is my sincere hope that you find the products on this page easy to use and useful in everyday life.